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What is powder-coating?

Powder-coating is a durable substitute for painting most any metal or aluminum item. It is an electrostatic process of applying a chosen color and texture of a powder using a specially designed powder-coating gun.

The item to be coated is attached to a grounded rack, coated with the chosen powder, placed into a special oven, and brought to a temperature of between 300 – 500 degrees. When removed from the oven and allowed to cool, the item is ready for use, requiring no additional drying time before being placed into service.

What Colors Are Available?

There are thousands of colors available. In addition to color, the powder used is determined by the expected usage of the item.

Consideration is given to the number of ultraviolet rays expected, caustic or abrasive environment, and to desired surface qualities. Smooth, textured, rough, satin, and gloss are all characteristics to be considered in choosing the powder.

Powders, however, must be purchased in qualities you want the item to reflect. You cannot mix powders to achieve a different color or texture.

What are the benefits of powder-coating?

There are many benefits of Powder-coating. Considered most beneficial would be the durability according to most experts of Powder-coating. Although one should not consider a Powder-coated item as having an indestructible coating, it does possess one of the most durable coatings available.

The electrostatic process used in Powder-coating may allow coverage in difficult areas of an item that may be unobtainable by the typical liquid spray paint process. Also, many professionals and manufacturers desire the quick turnaround time of Powder-coating where process time is important.

How does the cost of powder-coating compare with paint?

Although the original cost of having an item powder-coated rather than painted is generally higher, the long-term savings may prove the added expense justified. The longevity of the coated item is generally expected to be two or more times that of a painted item.

What kind of items are good candidates for powder-coating?

Car wheels, bumpers, brackets and frames, motorcycle parts, aviation and agriculture parts, lawn furniture, office furniture, racks fencing, and grates, plus thousands of other metal and aluminum items.

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