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Every ‘LORAC-COVER’tm is custom made to provide an exact fit for your basement window well. Covers can be ordered for your smaller traditional basement window, as well as the larger sized basement escape, or daylight window well.

Every ‘LORAC-COVER’ comes with a locking/hinged escape panel for emergency escape use. The light panels are made from the toughest transparent plastic available. The escape panel is designed to provide security, yet is lightweight and provides ease of operation for even the youngest family member.

Other manufacturers ‘ window well covers hinge their escape panels onto the house where debris on top of the cover could keep the escape panel from opening. The ‘LORAC-COVER’ is designed to open to the left or right. This will cause the debris to be thrown off to the side allowing the escape panel to fully open.

Operational vents are located in the End Panels where practical and can be operated from either inside or outside the unit. Although the ‘LORAC-COVER’ is designed to be installed watertight, some ventilation is essential. Generally, vents should be opened in the spring and closed when the temperature begins to drop to an uncomfortable level.

Plant hooks are standard on the larger Daylight or Escape window-well covers.

Window-well covers are manufactured from 22-24 galvanized material. The framework is powdercoated in your choice of numerous colors, or most any color can be special ordered.

Window-well Escape Ladders are available in “foot-length” sizes, e.g., 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, etc.

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